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Meet Mama Kat.  She came to us as a starving stray last summer (2019), riddled with fleas and ticks and obviously feeding kittens.  To cut a long story short with a good diet, regular de-parasiting and a few months of patience, we finally won her trust enough to be able to pick her up.  We don't know how many kittens she had but she finally brought one to meet us - but he was and still is as wild as they come and we have never been able to get near him.

When winter started setting in Mama Kat took up residence in the cattery office, preferring to spend her nights - and most of the days - sleeping on my chair.  With  cuddles, lots of love and regular meals she is thriving and is in great condition.  She has now decided that the spare bed, settee, or a lap are far more comfortable than the office chair so now lives in the house.  She gets on fine with our 3 cats and they normally ignore her, although we do get the odd growl from our other girl.  I don't know how she'll be with dogs as she never sees one.

It would be lovely if this little lady could go to a home and be the only cat or live with just one other cat and spend the rest of her days in comfort.   She hasn't been microchipped yet and there is no adoption fee for her.