After a quiet start to the year things have picked up dramatically in the last 2-3 months! We are running at 75% full every week and already have 2 weeks in August and 10 days in October where we are fully booked. So if you need to reserve a place for your purrbaby please do so sooner rather than later.

We've replaced one stray cat with two now. A pure white male with one green and one blue eye and a beautiful tortie/tabby who looks like she may have recently had kittens! The white cat is now called Oscar and has been vaccinated, micro-chipped and, more importantly, castrated! He still comes for food, some days he stays all day, others he comes for a feed then we don't see him again all day. At least I know he's not going to be impregnating any stray female cats! Little girl cat comes every night and some mornings for food but we've seen no sightings of kittens! As soon as she's confident enough with me to be handled she's off to the vets for sterilisation. At least I will have done my bit in keeping the kitten population of Port Ste Foy under control!

If you are thinking of getting a kitten (or two or more!!!) Acorn Association based near Mussidan have plenty of abandoned kittens looking for their forever home. I go regularly to play with them and help socialise them so they are not nervous of strangers. It also helps if they are handled a lot as they come to trust us humans. They are all adorable and are offered for adoption having been vaccinated, microchipped, de-parasited and, if old enough, sterilised. There is an adoption fee payable for each cat. If you want any further information please contact me or look at their website

Our cats continue to give us a lot of pleasure - and hard work. All the cats love being outside when the weather permits. Marmalade prefers being in the sunshine and will happily sleep on the decking all day. Toast can be a lazy beggar, might not get out of bed till just after lunch but then will be on the go all afternoon. And as he has a lot to say for himself, can be quite noisy!

Majik is spending more time outside too, so is losing her winter 'belly'. Now the hay has been cut she's having great fun hunting mice and other small creatures in the field behind the house.

Our great-grandson Freddie continues to thrive and is such a handsome lad (I am biased!). Our grand-daughter sends us photos and updates on a regular basis and its almost as good as being there - not quite, I do miss the cuddles. He's learning new things every day now and taking a great interest in life. They have all moved into their new home now so are a happy little family.

Thank you to all our customers, old and new, and their cats for helping with the continued success of Clos Fleuri. We really do appreciate you.