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We are now open again for business but strict guidelines are in place, as described on the Home Page.  Please ensure these are adhered to at all times.  

As most of you will be aware, at the end of 2021 Clos Fleuri will close its doors for the last time - I will be retiring.  Because of that I will not be accepting any more new customers as I don't want people and their cats to get used to coming here and then have to find somewhere else.  I can recommend a couple of other catteries in the area.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all our customers and our furry guests for their continued support in the last 10 years.  It has been a pleasure and privilege to be able to look after your precious purrbabies.  Thank you every one of you.  

Our cats are still in semi hibernation, sleeping most of the day especially when the weather is wet or cold.  I just envy them their bladder control.  Toast is still losing a bit of weight despite being fed on demand and getting fresh chicken cooked for him.  Talk about spoilt rotten, but if it helps him thats what he gets.   The others continue to do well.  Princess our latest adoptee is still a bit timid, she was obviously very badly treated before she came to us as she hates feet - leads us to think she was kicked a lot.  Being deaf she can't always hear us approaching so we have to make her aware we are near her or she scuttles off and hides.  She's a lovely cat though and the others have accepted her totally.  Marmalade continues to do his Houdini act and escape from the garden.  We have now replaced all the fencing round the back - not an easy job as its a half acre plot!  The hedge at the side of the house, which is rapidly dying, is being removed next week and replaced with wooden panels, so he should not be able to get out anywhere.  My money is on him finding a way eventually.

If you are thinking of getting a kitten (or two or more!!!) Acorn Association based near Mussidan have plenty of abandoned kittens looking for their forever home. I go regularly to play with them and help socialise them so they are not nervous of strangers. It also helps if they are handled a lot as they come to trust us humans. They are all adorable and are offered for adoption having been vaccinated, microchipped, de-parasited and, if old enough, sterilised. There is an adoption fee payable for each cat. If you want any further information please contact me or look at their website

LULU  &  LEXIE Born July 2020

These two beautiful cats are desperate for a loving, furever home - can you help

LULU & LEXIE were born in someone's garden during the summer and cared for once the mother cat disappeared. They are part of a litter of four girls, two of which have now found homes.

LULU is a very friendly kitten. She is always the first one there to be stroked and cuddled.  LEXIE is more dependant on her sister and timid until she gains your trust.  Then she is just as lovable as LULU.

They are both very close and it would therefore be great to keep the two sisters together.

They are both sterilised, vaccinated, chipped and de-parasited.

Both kittens are in the care of Association Acorn, for further information please contact me in the first instance.